Webcomic Wednesday: Something Fishy Is Going On Here

Spicing up my normal epic fantasy webcomic shares with some webcomics about fish. Okay, so maybe they aren’t all about FISH, but I thought it was an interesting theme. From having fish characters to fish-like characters to a character named after fish parts, we’ve got it all. If you’d like me to show off more webcomics, either comment below and share your favorites. Or tweet me with our hashtag #WebcomicWednesday and let the world know!




  • Mohagen., Kennon James and John Kipling
  • “Mohagen is a fancy, orange goldfish and belongs to a twelve year old boy named Jeremy. Trapped in his two gallon universe, Mohagen gazes out through his bowled window and watches the adolescent boy play video/board games, watch movies and television, and suffer through middle school. Mohagen’s only company in the bowl is Grady, a plastic fishbowl decoration, with his sardonic wit. Not unlike Jeremy, Mohagen is an avid football fan, loves food of all shapes and sizes, and considers himself quite the ladies man, uh, ladies fish.”
  • Updates: Monday & Friday



  • Odd-Fish, Phillip Blackman
  • “Odd-fish features aquatic creatures, the eponymous ‘Odd-Fish’ and their unlikely, bizarre and hopefully funny adventures. It is mostly pun and pop-culture based because that’s what NobbyNobody enjoys.”
  • Updates: Sundays (currently on hiatus)



  • Fishbones, Jisuk Cho and Yuki S.
  • “Fishbones starts in the year 1999 in the fictional, east coast city of Southport. The story is about growing up, friendship, and sometimes the mob. There is no age restriction to read this comic but, since it deals primarily with criminals, it contains a lot of swearing and violence.”
  • Updates: Friday


Nikki Jeske is an illustrator and web designer who doodles her life away in Austin, Texas. She blogs at Snailbird, designs at Design Coyote, and spends far too much time madly drawing the many animals that make up The Family Menagerie. You can also find her on twitter.


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