Webcomic Wednesday: Hijinks, Gaming, & Nomadic Cultures

Today’s Webcomic Wednesday is filled with hijinks, gamers, and lots of epic fantasy adventure. Really, all of today’s webcomics fit the bill for fantasy geekery – which, let’s be honest, is MOST of the webcomics I share. So, if you’d like me to show off more webcomics, either comment below and share your favorites. Or tweet me with our hashtag #WebcomicWednesday and let the world know!

For now. Fantasy Geeks unite!

Hijinks Ensue


  • Hijinks Ensue, Joel Watson
  • The site says the comic is about “Geeking for the sake of geekery. If you are into sci-fi, technology, geek TV, geek movies or geek life in general you should find something to laugh at here.” And I couldn’t agree more. One of my favorites.
  • Updates: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays (Varies)

Looking For Group


  • Looking For Group, Ryan Sohmer & Lar DeSouza
  • “The Comic follows the adventures of Cale’Anon and Richard, as well as their companions.” It’s a short description, but it works. If you’re a WoW gamer, you’ll especially love this webcomic, although references to all sorts of Fantasy geekery show up.
  • Updates: Mondays and Thursdays



  • Vattu, Evan Dahm
  • “Vattu is a story following a member of a nomadic tribe caught in the midst of a massive clash of cultures.” This absolutely GORGEOUS comic features beautiful illustrations and a striking story. Like all of Evan Dahm’s comics, the world sucks you in. Awesome webcomic.
  • Updates: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays


Nikki Jeske is an illustrator and web designer who doodles her life away in Austin, Texas. She blogs at Snailbird, designs at Design Coyote, and spends far too much time madly drawing the many animals that make up The Family Menagerie. You can also find her on twitter.


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