Thundercats, HO! Rare Concept Art from the Original Cartoon Series

The internet can be such a wonderful place sometimes (as long as Congress doesn’t get its hands on it). It holds all sorts of treasures for nostalgia-driven fanatics like myself who see a search bar as nothing more than a fancy version of One-Eyed Willie’s treasure map from The Goonies. A recent “expedition” into cyberspace yielded an especially good find: rare, previously never-before-seen concept artwork for the original Thundercats cartoon by illustrator and voice actor Jim Meskimen. If someone had told 10-year-old me that seeing something like this would be possible I probably would have guffawed and continued eating my Mr. T cereal… but it’s true!

Revealed (presumably) for the first time last July in the forums, keen-eyed fans of the series can spot several lesser-known (but equally and fondly remembered) supporting characters in addition to a few that never actually made it on the show. Check out a select few below and for the entire gallery, be sure to visit the forums.








Rondal Scott III is an illustrator and graphic designer who tackles each day with Red Bull-induced enthusiasm and is a self-professed Twitter addict. He’s illustrated several independent children’s books and in 2009 his obsession with horror movies and pop culture inspired him to establish the Strange Kids Club, a virtual clubhouse for geeky, pop culture nostalgia.


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