The Comeback Pony: A My Little Pony Creator

I confess. While I wasn’t the girliest of little girls, I did love to collect horses. And My Little Pony fell close enough into the “Horse” category that I was all over them. I loved Gusty the most. She was sarcastic, boyish, a prankster, and not afraid to tell you like it was. I haven’t watched My Little Pony since the early 90s, but you’d have to be living under a rock to not know that these cute little Hasbro ponies are making a large comeback. They were first created in 1982, but they have lost none of their charm. A few friends of mine have started creating some of their own original MLP designs (you can see whole slew of custom MLPs on deviantart) and I’ve recently found myself doodling little Applejacks in the corners of my notebook. Oh how I love nostalgia.


The real reason for this post is to share with you a recent project called the Pony Creator, created by DeviantArtist GeneralZoi. I have her to thank for spending way too many hours on this thing, creating my own custom pony. GeneralZoi has given the user a multitude of options to customize every pony – including a bajillion hairstyles, colors, eye shapes, accessories, and even developed a way to allow the happy little My-Little-Pony-lover to post their pony in whatever position.


I’m serious. This thing is badass. And will take ALL of your productivity away within minutes. I’m warning you now. While she probably spent a lot of time making this awesome customzier, I have probably spent even more time making ponies. But I’m willing to sacrifice my Pony time in order to share with you this find. Because I’m nice like that. Now it’s your turn.

What does your My Litlte Pony look like?


Enjoy! Thank you GeneralZoi for making my life a little more My-Little-Pony-ish.


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