Rhonda 3d Drawing Software

When it comes to professional illustration software (and by this, we are talking about drawing software), the computer world seems pretty set. Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator lead the way, with some people still swearing by Corel Draw and Painter. So, for the most part, software companies don’t seem to be trying to wow the drawing world…

And then along came Rhonda!

rhonda_logoRhonda is a stripped down 3D drawing tool!? Grab your mouse or Wacom tablet, draw, rotate, draw, zoom, draw, swivel 360º, draw. the interface is simple (truly barebones, you can undo, but not erase). To get a feel for what can be done with this software, check out Rhonda’s website and the video of James Paterson drawing away. We assume there are current 3D offerings that can do what Rhonda does, but the intuitive nature and simplicity of this software is what truly impresses. You don’t need to know anything about 3D software (this editor, for one) to use this app, just sit down and start drawing.

You can sign up on their website to join the beta testing program, which includes free software download, more tutorials, and forum access.

If completing a 3D drawing yourself using Rhonda doesn’t fall into your skill set, then try a crowdsourcing platform like DesignCrowd. They offer not only 3D design, but also illustration and online logo design services.

If you’ve tried out Rhonda, we’d love to see your drawings, post them to the Fuel Your Illustration flickr group.




Alex Eben Meyer is a freelance illustrator living, doodling, and working in Brooklyn, NY. As Editor of Fuel Your Illustration, Alex sketches out the world of illustration for your consumption. illustration / sketchblog / twitter


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