Studio Pet: Porkchop

There are a lot of factors that go into making your working environment just right. Whether you work from home or in a studio, with other people or solo, the lighting, atmosphere, music, amenities, all are critical. Not to be overlooked, is that occasional special someone who knows just how to make you feel better when an illustration is going horribly wrong, and to celebrate with you when that big job comes in, the studio pet.


This is Porkchop, the illustrative Boston Terrier. He’s a tough critic, and all work decisions go through him, but he is a kind and generous authoritarian. Always chipper in the morning after the bike commute on the back of his illustrator Josh Cochran, and ever ready for that afternoon coffee break. A savvy pup, you can even follow Porkchop on twitter: @porkiethegreat


Sunbeams, sleeping and foreshortening.


Rain, late nights and Phil Collins.


Porky, The Boss, Mr. Chops.


Let us know if you have a studio pet/boss you would like featured by emailing us using the form on the top bar.

Alex Eben Meyer is a freelance illustrator living, doodling, and working in Brooklyn, NY. As Editor of Fuel Your Illustration, Alex sketches out the world of illustration for your consumption. illustration / sketchblog / twitter


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