Forgotten Colours & Other Illustrated Stories: A Surprisingly Unique App

fc01 I love apps. I love game apps, to-do list apps, time tracking apps, apps to make wireframes, apps to tell me where the stars are, apps that make peeling oranges a snap! Well maybe not so much… BUT. The app I am going to introduce you to today is by far, the most beautiful iPad app I have ever come across. It combines incredibly touching stories with beautiful works of art and interactive play into one breathtaking iPad app for both children and adults. I am extremely happy that this app was sent my way.

Forgotten Colours & Other Illustrated Stories


Forgotten Colours is “112 page ‘book’ containing fifteen stories that deal with universal themes, seen from an optimistic and lively point of view” and was created by Play Creatividad. It contains sketches, interactive pages that allow you a closer look at the artwork, and great moral tales with happy endings. The tagline for the ipad app is “A Surprisingly Unique Version” and let me tell you, it most definitely is surprisingly unique. I fell in love with this book in just the first five pages and I wanted to share this with all you as soon as I could.

Get Forgotten Colours 50% off today!

This is going to be a short post because it is a quick preview of a longer post I will be publishing sometime next week that will contain interview with some of the faces behind the app. It’s a big project and a big post, but I wanted to talk about it sooner BECAUSE today is June 23rd and today you can get Forgotten Colours for 50% off in the iTunes store! How awesome is that?! Not only will buying it mean getting your hands on this beautiful book, but there’s another reason: “10% of the proceeds obtained shall be donated to the DNGO Educación Sin Fronteras (Education without Boundaries).”


The Free Forgotten Colours Wallpaper App

That’s not all. Today is also the release date of the Wallpapers – Forgotten Colours app, a FREE companion app for the iPad and the iPhone that lets you download illustrations from the book to use as wallpapers! You can bet what my current wallpaper is, huh?

So what are you waiting for? Go download the 50% off Forgotten Colours app and its companion Wallpaper app today! And don’t forget to check back next week for an interview with the folks behind this beautiful application. Enjoy!

Nikki Jeske is an illustrator and web designer who doodles her life away in Austin, Texas. She blogs at Snailbird, designs at Design Coyote, and spends far too much time madly drawing the many animals that make up The Family Menagerie. You can also find her on twitter.


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